A letter written by Anchor’s Chief Executive calling for a Minister for Older People has today been published in The Telegraph.

Jane Ashcroft’s letter highlights Anchor’s petition for a dedicated Minister for Older People at a time when the social care funding gap is becoming critical, and calls on the Government to take a more joined-up approach to helping older people.

Read Jane’s letter below:

Minister for the elderly

SIR – As the number of older people living in Britain increases, the social care funding gap becomes more critical. The fact that elderly people are forced into A&E (report, January 28) proves that the support system is showing some cracks. We need to see evidence of services prioritising prevention rather than managing crises.

More than two years ago, a petition was handed to No 10 with 137,000 signatures calling for a minister for older people at Cabinet level, who would ensure that different government departments work together to deal with the challenges that come with demographic change. In 2012, MPs voted in favour of a motion calling on the Government to consider making such an appointment, yet we still lack one person in Cabinet responsible for looking at older people’s issues.

It is likely that many of us will need good quality care in the years ahead and we need the Government to take a more joined-up approach to help those older people already falling through the gaps, as well as to protect the generations to come.

Jane Ashcroft
Chief Executive, Anchor

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