All the votes have been counted and we can now reveal the first six members of Anchor's new Customer Council

Anchor's new Customer Council

Kathleen Curry
Kathleen is a rented customer from Meadowfields Court in Whitby, which is a cat 1 location.

John Farrell
John is a leaseholder from Brownlow Court in Bolton.

Susan Haywood
Susan lives at Springbank House in Newcastle, a cat 2 rented location.

Marie Hennelly
Marie is a rented customer from Mill Field Court in East Sussex, which is a cat 2 location.

Richard Lacey
Richard lives at Tarnbrook Court, Morecambe, a cat 2 rented location.

Derek Walker
Derek is a leasehold customer from Mathesons Gardens, Morpeth.

More than 2,000 people had their say after all rented and leasehold/freehold customers were given the chance to vote for their preferred candidate in the February issue of Anchor Living, our customer newsletter. 

The group’s first meeting on 29 March promises to be a great start to our new Involving You structure with a packed agenda. Items up for discussion include the role of the Customer Council, customer satisfaction and the group’s work plan for 2017. 

And the council may need to think of a new name for themselves following a hotly-anticipated discussion around whether ‘customer’ is the right word to describe those people that live with us.

The remaining six members of the Customer Council will come from the newly-appointed Topic Forums and will be elected by the forum members at their first meetings which take place in April and May.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing more information about the group, who the remaining six members of the council are and the outcomes of the first meeting. You’ll also be able to watch all the action for yourself as we will be filming each meeting and sharing it online. So watch this space. 

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