Scheme Managers Ela Crabtree-Soanes and Anne Miller from and at Holly Court in Clacton have taken the opportunity this month to express how grateful they are for the wonderful relationship their scheme has developed with Clacton County High School. For the last five years young friends from the school have shown their generosity by visiting the scheme and presenting tenants with Christmas gifts and seasonal messages.

Ela said: “We are extremely lucky! County High School has 1600 pupils who come with their own accompaniment of grandparents, aunts and uncles, who are very much aware of what Anchor is about and has on offer in Clacton and elsewhere in the country. Students always ask a lot of questions and show genuine interest in what we do, so hopefully some of them will choose the Anchor path when deciding on their own careers; especially now, when we are offering apprenticeships to young people.”

In his Christmas Newsletter last month, Principal of Clacton County High School Neil Gallagher said: “"It is at this time of year that our thoughts understandably turn to our loved ones, and those that we will be fortunate enough to spend time with over the Christmas period. We are the lucky ones and it is worth sparing a thought for those in not such a fortunate position… Thanks to the kindness and generosity of the entire school community we will be delivering parcels and messages to the residents of Holly Court; they know we are coming and are already excited yet again to meet our students."

These visits have brought a lot of joy to the residents of Holly Court over the years and we look forward to seeing them continue in the future. 

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