MP for Portsmouth North, and Grey Pride supporter, Penny Mordaunt made reference to our Grey Pride campaign calling for a dedicated Minister for Older People in the budget debate on the floor of the House of Commons last week.

Ms Mordaunt signed our Early Day Motion last summer and joined the Grey Pride brigade when the petition was presented to 10 Downing Street in November.
As part of a contribution to the debate about the effects of the budget on older people, Ms Mordaunt said: “Earlier this Session, I helped the Grey Pride campaign deliver a petition with 140,000 signatures to Downing street. It asked for a Minister for Older People. In my opinion, that should be not another name on the Government payroll, but a new responsibility allocated to a Minister already enjoying the view both from the Treasury and the Cabinet table. I appreciate that the Chancellor has quite enough to do clearing up after his predecessor but one, so I think that the Chief Secretary to the Treasury should assume this additional role. He might relish the savings for the national health service from a reduction in hospital admissions, the increase in capital mobility through targeted equity release schemes, and the substantial additional tax receipts from successful older workers.

We are used to hearing about sending for the men in grey suits, but now is the time for us all to listen more closely to the people with grey, or greying, hair, and there is a delicious irony in the fact that the current Chief Secretary is both the youngest Cabinet Minister and certainly the least grey-haired. I shall propose this for debate at the next Backbench Business Committee meeting”.

The full debate, and context of these comments (made at 8.17pm) can be read here.
As Ms Mordaunt mentions, we are currently working with her to try and secure a Backbench Business Committee debate to get our call for a Minister for Older People discussed by MPs in detail.

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