We are very excited to announce that an array of celebrities have joined us in our call on the Government to appoint a Minister for Older People.

Angela Rippon, Tony Robinson, Linda Robson and Jay Aston have all shown their support for Grey Pride over the last few weeks as they have learnt about our campaign.

The first celeb to give her support, television presenter Angela Rippon said as she signed the petition: "The collective experience and wisdom of Britain's older generation brings enormous value to our society, and it is high time that people of all ages appreciate the role over-60s can play in our workplaces, communities and families."
Since filming a documentary surrounding his decision to find a nursing home for his mother, and the difficulties they faced, Tony Robinson has been a staunch advocate for older people’s rights. Pleased to learn that a campaign has been launched to protect the interests of our ageing population, he said: “I've been a campaigner for the infirm elderly over the past ten years, and have become only too aware of how easy it is for those in authority to marginalise old people and ignore their needs.
“Today the elderly population is growing as budgets grow tighter. We need a robust voice at ministerial level to ensure that they can spend their last years in dignity, not distress.”

Former Birds of a Feather actress and Grumpy Old Women contributor Linda Robson has also added her voice to the campaign, saying: “It’s time us grumpy old women and our grumpy old men had someone to look after us. We've spent our lives looking after our families now it's our turn."
Every signature on our petition makes a difference, and we hope that the support of these high profile Grey Priders will raise awareness of our campaign and help us reach our all-important target of 100,000 names by autumn.

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