Two tenants from Clacton-on-Sea in have been shortlisted for a gardening award. Paul Clement and Tom Howse, 66 and 83 years old, who live at Anchor’s St Clements Court in Parry Drive, were nominated by Jane Bentham, Scheme Manager, for their hard work in the communal gardens.

Almost 300 nominations were sent in for the Happy Living Awards run by Anchor, England’s largest not-for-profit care and housing provider. The awards were launched in August with six categories: Green Fingered Customer, Best Neighbour, Extraordinary Talent, Grandparent of the Year, Community Champion and Best Pet.

Paul Clement and Tom Howse, who have lived at St Clements Court for eight years and five years respectively, are thrilled to be shortlisted for the Green Fingered Customer Award. They said: “We are very pleased to accept this nomination.”

Jane Bentham, who appreciates their work in the gardens, said: “Paul and Tom have worked very hard in the garden, resulting in a much admired, self-funded display of colourful plants. Tenants at St Clements Court asked they be nominated for providing such pleasure to those who live here and those who pass by on the main road.”

A customer panel have come together to judge those shortlisted, and winners of the six categories will be announced in January 2017.

For more information on St Clements Court please call 0800 731 2020 or visit St Clements Court's webpage.

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