Anchor’s Chief Executive Jane Ashcroft has featured in the Daily Express after comments made by a NHS boss about not wanting older people to be looked after by care homes in 50 years’ time have fired the discussion about the future of care.

NHS England Chief Executive Simon Stevens said he would prefer to see older people being cared for in the community.

Care home providers and organisations representing them, including Anchor, have responded that his comments highlight deep misconceptions held by many about care homes and misses the huge benefits to older people as well as society at large.

In the piece in the Daily Express Anchor’s Chief Executive Jane Ashcroft invites Mr Stevens to visit one of our care homes to see how they can empower older people and provide more than high quality care.

She said: “A good care home is a place where a person can thrive; pursuing meaningful activities, enjoying the company of friends and nutritious meals and with access to life-enhancing technology. Many older people living alone do not have such opportunities.

“The Campaign to End Loneliness states that 800,000 older people are lonely some of whom could have a much more fulfilling life in a care home.”

Ms Ashcroft added the Your Care Rating survey, which was conducted by Ipsos Mori and filled out by more than 21,000 residents in 1,055 care homes across the country, found overwhelmingly that people were happy with the care they received.

In the article another initiative supported by Anchor and many other care providers, is highlighted. The annual National Care Home Open Day on 20 June enabled members of the public to visit their local care home to see for themselves the great care provided and the positive environment in which older people live.

This year’s event, which was supported by Gloria Hunniford, saw residents and staff from more than 3,000 care homes in Britain join forces with those in Australia and South Africa to take part in an international Mexican Wave.

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