Older people in Godalming took to the dance floor last week in a bid to win glory.

Residents and staff from Anchor’s Eastlake care home in Nightingale Road competed against each other to win Eastlake’s Strictly Come Dancing 2015.

Other residents at Eastlake joined the judges to watch the fun extravaganza.

The judging panel included Carol Barker, Mel Hunter, Joan Weston, former Waverley Mayor, Councillor Liz Wheatley and her husband Mike.

Those who took part chose their own music and the style of performance before putting on their dancing shoes.

Judge Carol Barker said: “It was a privilege and a honour again to judge this year and the standard of dancing was so high. But watching our residents was very moving, seeing their faces light up and smiling and they all put a 100% in to their dance, it was emotional to watch.”

Councillor Liz Wheatley said: “Extremely popular though the TV show is, it couldn’t compete with the fun and laughter had by everybody on Friday. 

“The task in choosing winners was extremely difficult and ended up with 3 third places: Iris Davis, Jennifer Briggs and Sheila Bowman; 2nd: Jessamine Betteridge, while the winner was Stanley Lyons and partner Verity Barnes, who went beyond the call of duty by actually standing in for another competitor, as well. 

“Stanley won the hearts of us all with their version of YMCA and had the audience dancing and singing to the chorus.

Each participant received a certificate, a medal and some sweets or chocolates, while the 1st, 2nd and 3rd position received a further certificate and a ¼ bottle of wine.

The proud winner Stanley took home the 2015 winners’ cup.

Congratulations to all the residents and staff for all their hard work for the show.

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