Staff and residents at Anchor’s Eastlake care home in Nightingale road celebrated National Pets Month this April. Residents at the home called upon the services of Hillary from Mac Entertainment and her family of pets to mark National Pet Month on Thursday 20th of April.

Wendy and Smudge the catAnimals that came along included a Shih Tzu called Tilly, a six month old cat called Smudge, an owl which was bred in captivity called Tegan, two Guinea pigs named Little and Big Ted, a mini Shetland pony called Kevin, two chickens called Raven and Harriot, and Peter the Rabbit.

Residents are used to seeing animals in their home, as a pat dog called Freya comes in once a month with her owner Chris to visit. In addition to this, Eastlake is home to three cats, Pebbles, Rosie and Twinkle, and in house dog called Buster.

Eastlake’s Manager Linda Grout said: “The residents absolutely adore all the animals in our home, all of our pets get so much fuss made to them and to watch the faces on our residents light up every time they stroke and see them, you realise how animals really connect with people,”

“Eastlake, as with other Anchor care homes, has a pet policy which encourages older people to bring pets with them when they move in. Studies have shown that the health of residents improves when they interact with pets which they can stroke. Customers with dementia are particularly responsive to all our animals.

“Some older people open up more when seeing the animals; this is always a great talking point in the home.”

“Eastlake is such a very friendly home and the staff and residents are very caring so everyone has a lovely day, including Buster the dog.”

Resident Iris Davis who has lived at Eastlake for three years said “I thought the day was excellent; it took me back to my childhood. I reminisced about my dog called Judy and my white angora rabbit called Rabbit!”

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