Eastlake in Godalming is taking part in National Care Home Open Day on Friday the 20 June so members of the public can find out more about  its thriving community spirit.

Anchor's Eastlake will be taking part in the largest international care home Mexican wave. The wave will start in care homes in Australia and then move to Europe via skype and reach Gloria Hunniford, who is the National Care Home Open day Ambassador for
this National Cause. The wave will begin, for our region, at 10.15 to 10.30am and finish for our part in Scotland at 3.00pm.
Eastlakes Home manager Linda Grout said: "We Know the older people we work with had and continue to have a positive impact on community life in Godalming and enjoy living here.

"National care Home open day is a fantastic chance for us all to show why we are so proud to work in the care sector. There is a stigma often associated when an older person moves into care and we want to challenge that.

"At Anchor we always organise a varied programme of meaningful activity which is beneficial to the residents' mental and physical well-being as well as being fun."We're holding this open day so that members of the local community can look round and speak to our residents to hear for themselves how happy a place this is to live and about the great community spirit we have here."

National Care Home Open Day is involving care homes across the country. June 20 2014 will see the UK's care home take centre stage, uniting for the second year to create lasting links between care home residents and their local communities.

On National Care Open Day, thousands of care homes will putting on a show, with a rich variety of events, activities and entertainment designed for one reason and one reason only - to bring people together and build some connections.

If you wish to attend the open please give home manager Linda grout a call on 01483 413520.

For more information on Eastlake contact 0845 140 2020

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