Delighted residents were able to pet a donkey when it visited a Leeds care home on Thursday 10 November.

The Donkey Sanctuary staff along with Joey the donkey visited the older people as part of an activities day at Anchor’s Halcyon Court in Cliff Road, Hyde Park.

Even those residents who were unable to get into the lounge received visits from Joey which was brought to their rooms so they could join in the fun.

Halcyon Court Manager Krzystof said: “It was such a lovely day with the residents really enjoying stroking and feeding the donkey.

To have the donkey visit was such a great experience for them.

“It was the first time we’ve had a donkey visit at Halcyon Court and it proved so successful that we will be doing it again.”

Halcyon Court resident Alma James, said: “I have enjoyed today as I have never been as close to a donkey before.

“Halcyon Court is a lovely home - you never get bored because there are always lots of activities for us to enjoy.”

For more information about Halcyon Court, contact 0800 731 2020.


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