Couple Ron and Margaret Broughton who live at The Beeches care home in Leatherhead celebrated their 68 Wedding Anniversary on Sunday 21 September with friends and staff at The Beeches.

Ron, 92 and Margaret, 89 cut their celebratory cake at a party held for them at Anchor’s The Beeches where they have lived for 11 months.

Grandparents of two granddaughters, Mr and Mrs Broughton were married in 1946. Mr Broughton said “I can’t believe we have been together so long. I think the key to a good marriage is to look after one another. Since moving into The Beeches we get to spend more time with each other and with the staffs kind help it really makes life more enjoyable together” Regional Support Manager, Sharon Payne said: "Ron and Margaret are a wonderful couple, I can’t believe they have been married 68 years, it’s a remarkable occasion. The Beeches staff  were delighted to help them celebrate the occasion”.

They enjoy many of the activities we put on at The Beeches. Their favourite include making sweets and afternoon quizzes.

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