Residents from Mayflower Court care home in Southampton recently enjoyed a day of activities with the Highfield Cr-Aft group.

The group meet every week after school for craft based activities and regularly visit Mayflower Court during the holidays or on teacher training days.

Resident Pam said: "We love to see the children, they are always so full of energy. If the weather is kind they start with a treasure hunt in the garden with games after lunch, it's lovely to hear them playing and enjoying themselves."

During the day the children practice a show which they then perform for both residents and parents in the lounge at 3pm. Aswell as crafts the children sing and dance with the group leader, Michelle, also telling stories. 

This visit coincided with two resident birthdays where the children and other visitors sang happy birthday before sharing the beautiful homemade cake. 

To learn more about Mayflower Court care home, visit the website here.

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