As the days count down to Christmas, residents at Augusta Court in Chichester have been on the lookout for Santa Claus. 

Chichester Lions Club’s Christmas float has been out and about on city streets since 1 December and will continue until 18 December.

Corina Hall, from Chichester Lions, said it was important people knew where the money they were donating when Father Christmas turned up outside their door was going.

Already, she said, support had gone to representatives from Tozer House, Chichester Foodbank, Stonepillow and Augusta Court care home, in Winterbourne Road.

She added: “Financial support has also been agreed for local residents from Joys Croft Court, Lacy House, Pilgrim Court and Tozer Way, Merle Court and Britannia Court towards Christmas festivities.

“These are just some of the local charities supported by Chichester Lions.

“On the international spectrum, Lions are supporting the Ebola epidemic.”

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