A resident at Castle Hall in Hull has raised £1300 for the Royal British Legion by knitting red poppies to sell.

Heather, who has lived at Anchor’s Castle Hall for over 4 years, was delighted when her son-in-law asked if she would be interested in providing knitted poppies for his business to sell for the benefit of the Royal British Legion.

Heather found it easier to crochet the poppies and initially provided over 300 to be sold in his undertaker premises. The poppies sold quickly and her son-in-law then made a further request for a total of 700 to be sold across the business.

Heather has raised a huge £1300 so far but is not stopping there. As it is the 100th anniversary this year of the British Legion, Heather is now aiming to continue crocheting and requests for her poppies have seen them sent to the Goodwin Trust Centre base for Royal British Legion Warden in Hull as well as a range of other Anchor locations in the region. Heather has received donations of balls of red wool to help her in her effort and news of her unique poppies is spreading fast.

The Royal British Legion Warden is very grateful for her hard work and even forwarded Heather a lovely card received from a member of the public who was given a poppy purchased by a relative and was thrilled at the craftsmanship.

For more information about Heather’s beautiful poppies please contact Castle Hall directly on 01482 831 635 and help her raise as much as possible for the Royal British Legion before the end of the year!

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