A resident from Anchor’s Larchfield care home is using his creative talents to turn Action Men figures into models reflecting the interests of care staff.

Jim Smithson, 71, who has lived at Anchor’s Larchfield care home in Joseph Street for six years, will be presenting an Action Man in a kilt and playing the bagpipes to 10-year-old Carson Myers as one of his relatives was in the Argyle Pipe Band. His aunt Louise Rodger works at the home.

Jim has spent months working on 14 Action Men, some of which have been turned into Gandalf the Wizard from Lord of the Rings, a Native Indian, an archbishop and a knight.

He has been invited to be the guest speaker at coffee morning at the home on Thursday this week (27 October) to mark the end of International Older People’s Month.

Jim said: “I started collecting the Action Men by chance after finding some of them in a charity shop. It made me think about when I used to make model soldiers when I was younger so thought I could adapt the Action Men to represent people at Anchor’s Larchfield.”

Art is one of Jim’s passions and he has also made several native Indian artefacts as well as painting in oils and doing drawings.

Betty Rhodes, Larchfield’s activity co-ordinator, said arts and crafts were central to the packed activities programme at the home.

She said: “You can tell by the detail of Jim’s work on the Action Men that he has a talent.

“We want to help residents continue their hobbies when they move into Larchfield so we have accompanied Jim to the local shops so that he can buy all the materials he needs and I have worked with him on the iPad doing lots of research about costumes so that Jim’s figures look realistic.”

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