Borrage House care home in Ripon have begun a Community Poppy Project.  

Working with Councillor Stuart Martin residents and staff at the care home have decided they want to make Ripon’s 2018 Remembrance Day event prominent and memorable.  Taking inspiration from the beautiful art installation of ceramic poppies at the Tower of London the home decided to organise an Avenue of Poppies in Ripon.

“We want to make the route from the Spa Garden to the Cathedral an avenue of poppies, covering all the metal railings along the way with hand-made knitted or crocheted poppies” explains Stuart.

“We want to cover the main gates and the band stand at the Spa Garden with them and also have boards of poppies dotted around the gardens.  We are seeking permission to put poppies on the front of the Spa Baths and Ripon Town Hall as well.”

Mary Minahan who is helping on the project at Borrage House said: “We’ve had a fantastic response so far, we’ve set up 3 sessions a week at Borrage House for our residents and the community and we’ve had lots of people attend the knitting sessions already.  

“It’s been great to see the residents so engaged with the project, one lady; Mrs Walker told me she’s never thought she’d be knitting again so it’s already having a big impact on them.

“The home is also a drop off point for anyone in Ripon who has made any poppies and wants to put them forward for the project, we’re hoping to engage with other Anchor locations as well to get them on board”

If anyone would like to join in with the knitting/crocheting sessions please contact Mary or Olivia on 01765 690919. 

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