The newly formed Bishopstoke 'Stags' took on Eastleigh Walking Football Team on Tuesday 6 September at Bishopstoke Park in what was a much anticipated contest. Three keen footballing residents from Bishopstoke Park joined forces with members of staff including Howard Nankivell our Housing Operations Director, to take on the local side.

The Stags made a strong start by opening the scoring and were cheered on by the Bishopstoke Belles who were made up of residents who had been working hard on practicing their routines. The experience of the Eastleigh side soon showed when they took an unassailable lead. This didn’t dishearten the Stags who played extremely well and did Bishopstoke Park proud.

It was a fantastic afternoon and was very well attended with residents, staff, friends and family lining the pitch to cheer on the two sides. Much needed refreshments from Zest, the juice bar were served to both sides at the end of the game.

This slowed down version of the game has become increasingly popular in recent times and is designed to help people keep an active lifestyle, as well as to support people getting back into football who have stopped due to age or injury. As well as offering health benefits, walking Football offers social benefits and the opportunity for participants to meet new friends, prevent isolation and encourage interaction for individuals and small groups.

Eastleigh Football Club has kindly donated 20 tickets to their next home game and we look forward to building on the relationship we have with the club. 

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