Keswick celebrated  the birthday of Joyce and Lily who are twin sisters and both live at Kewsick in Leatherhead, Surrey.

Asa Johnson, Customer Engaement Adviser said "I had the pleasure of attending the birthday party at Keswick on the evening of Friday 30 May, to celebrate the birthday of customers Joyce and Lily. The party was a joy to be at, with the room packed full of smiling customers, relatives and staff (2 of whom were also twins!), who were dancing away and enjoying the live entertainment.

A local mother and twin children group had also been invited, meaning there were also lots of young twins present as well, joining in with party hats and dancing to the music.
One customer said to me ‘I am so lucky to have Keswick. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else’- what a fantastic comment, and goes hand in hand with Anchor’s goal of ‘Happy Living for the years ahead’."

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