Older people from Staines will be taking part in a weekend of bird watching to monitor if bird numbers are declining.

Residents at Anchor’s Meadowside Residential home in Knowle Park Avenue will be watching wildlife on 25 and 26 January as part of RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch, the world’s biggest wildlife survey.

The weekend follows several days where residents and the care home’s activity co-ordinator Sacha Harden and Sally Cowdrey have worked on various bird themed events on Thursday and Friday (23 and 24).

The results of the bird watch survey will be sent to RSPB who use them to monitor trends and identify which species of birds are under threat. The residents will be taking turns on rota of an hour at a time.

Care home Manager Jo Davison said: “To get ready for the birdwatch residents have been making lard balls and preparing bird tables. We have a member of the local RSPB coming in to give a talk to our residents on the history of birdwatch weekend.

“The birdwatch is part of our ongoing programme of exciting activities, including Zumba, Bingo and Quiz nights which aim to stimulate the residents physically and mentally.

“These events are also a great occasion for residents to socialise with their families and friends.”

Resident Vera Clinton, 98, who has lived at Meadowside for 11 years said: “I like to birdwatch as it brings me back to my childhood. I cannot wait to see how many sparrows and robins I can count in the hour.”

Fellow bird enthusiast Muriel Faulkner, 94, who has lived at the home for 8 years, said: “I’m really looking forward to seeing the birds, Starlings, Magpies and Crows.

“I really enjoy living at Meadowside - you never get bored because there are always lots of activities for us to enjoy.”


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