Glendale residents in Walton-on-Thames took part in a weekend of bird watching to monitor if bird numbers are declining.

Residents at Anchor’s Glendale in Ambleside and children from Walton Oak Primary School watched birds as part of RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch, the world’s biggest wildlife survey.

The weekend followed several days where residents and the care home’s activity co-ordinators Lesley Ruse and Stacey Johnson worked on various bird themed events which include art, baking, word search, quiz, and bird watch apps on iPad.

Care Manager Maureen Cotcher said: “To get ready for the birdwatch, residents have been painting pictures of their favourite birds and prepared bird mobiles. We had a member of the local RSPB coming in to give a talk to our residents and children on the history of birdwatch weekend. It was nice to see children from Walton Oak joining us in the event. This event was a great occasion for Glendale residents to socialise with their families, friends, and our local community.”
Mary Bradcock and David Bradcock local Group Leaders for North West Surrey RSPB spoke about the history of birdwatch weekend and said “It was great to see older people and young children involved in the bird watching event at Glendale. It was nice to share the time with everyone. The event encourages people across the region to go into their gardens and count how many different types of birds they see. It's considered to be the world's largest wildlife survey.”
Resident Fred Dowsett, 87, who has lived at Glendale for 3 years said: “I look after two budgies at Glendale and it was nice to see everyone having fun and watching different types of birds.

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