Prime-time BBC news programmes have covered calls by Anchor for people to be given a better understanding of the full costs of care.

Chief Executive Jane Ashcroft has appeared on television throughout the day to say more needs to be done to explain the value of great care for older people – and the cost this involves.

Jane said: “People will find there are top-up payments to make sure the cost of care is being covered and good quality care can be provided.

“And certainly, there is a wide range of costs across the country and a very wide range of fees that local authorities will pay, with no obvious logical root to the differences.”

The coverage is part of a series the BBC is running on the cost of care. With government spending on care for older people aged 65 and above estimated as having fallen by a fifth in England in the past decade, the BBC has also produced an online calculator to help people work out the likely bill for care needs.

It takes into account the financial cap on the costs of care being introduced as part of the Care Act from April 2016.

The BBC series has also included interviews with Anchor’s Linda Grout, home manager of Eastlake care home in Surrey, and a feature on a Magic Me cocktail party held at Rose Court in Rotherhithe - with interviews with home manager Patrick Umerah and Customer Engagement Advisor Debbie Kirkbride MBE.

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