Care staff at Anchor’s Firth House care home in Millgate celebrated National School Day on Friday 6th November by going back to their school years.

Home Manager Pearl Millin said “this was a great day, and the residents fully enjoyed it, we had school lessons for staff in the morning, doing times tables and spelling, and then we served school dinners for lunch.”

The school dinners consisted of Fish and Chips, Liver and Onions, then Rice pudding with Jam and Bread and butter pudding with custard. 

“At Firth House we feel social events and organised specialised days, are paramount to being part of our residents care,” Pearl said. “It’s not always about physical needs, social and emotional needs are just as important, and it’s a proven fact that this can increase the health and wellbeing of older people if they are stimulated through interaction and reminiscence.” The activities at Firth House let staff and residents alike reminisce about their time at school.

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