Eastlake in Godalming introduced a successful way to bring a smile to the faces of older people and improve their well-being. Staff and residents at Anchor’s Eastlake in Nightingale Road celebrated National Pet Month.

Residents at the home celebrated the day by having exotic animals come in from Zoolab and they were also joined by pupils from Moss Lane School in Godalming, run by Head teacher Mrs Victoria Abbout.

Residents at Eastlake and the children were given the opportunity to touch or hold the animals. Animals brought along were Madagascan cockroaches, an African snail, Tarantula, rat and a orange corn snake called Tango. Both residents and pupils have had a very positive interaction with the ‘creepy crawlies’ even those who don’t like them!. Eastlake is also very lucky as they have Freya -The Pat Dog coming into the home twice a month, as well as having four cats, a canary, fish and an in-house Yorkie dog.

Business Manager Linda Grout said 'Anchor has a pet policy which encourages older people to bring with them when they move in. Studies have shown that the health of residents improves when they interact with pets which they can stroke, it proves both relaxing and beneficial which is what we want for our well loved residents and our well loved pets.'


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