Residents at Eastlake care home on Nightingale Road in Godalming, run by Home Manager Linda Grout, were joined by the mayor Liz Wheatly and her husband Mike along with pupils from Moss Lane School in Godalming for a touch of animal magic.

Residents at the home were overwhelmed by all the different animals that came to visit. Their eyes all lit up when the miniature pony, (called Tony!) walked in. They were then treated to five meercats called Pippy, Squeak, Tomone, Fidget and Widget, along with ornamental ducks, three mini Rex Rabbits called Blue, Gold and Marrow, a 23 year old parrot called Rocky, Guinea Pigs, a South African Hedgehog called Tiggy Winkle, an eight week old Pomeranian puppy called Kiki, plus two Alsation dogs.

Home Manager Linda Grout, said "the morning was so successful,  it brought a lot of joy to our home and everyone loved it. Residents, staff and pupils all enjoyed the magic of cuddling the animals".

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