Anchor was this week awarded a top LaingBuisson award for its outstanding training

Rob Martin, Head of Care Quality at Anchor who accepted the award, said he was delighted with the recognition for the organisation. He commented:

“With our apprenticeship scheme, Anchor has developed a programme our young people value, providing a workforce that supports strategic priorities. This approach has resulted in 84% of apprentices taken on completing the course. The Anchor Apprenticeship Academy actively addresses a crisis facing the care sector and provides a starting point for a meaningful career in care.

‘Part of Anchor’s strategic goals and part future skills gap, Anchor launched the Anchor Apprenticeship Academy in June 2015, investing £1m in 2 years, a huge investment for a charity at a time when funding has significantly reduced’. 

Rob went on to pay tribute to the team of trainers at Anchor:

‘Our highly-skilled trainers deliver face-to-face courses in everything you’ll need to succeed in your role. The Anchor Academy website gives you access to hundreds of e-learning modules anytime and on any device. And best of all, you’ll be surrounded by talented and friendly colleagues who’ll support you and help you to learn.

None of our entry-level roles require that you have qualifications or previous experience of care or housing. That’s because we offer free training courses that will earn you National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs). In our care homes, not only will NVQs take your skills and potential to the next level, but once you’ve reached level two, we’ll also increase your wages and benefits.

‘All our managers are responsible for engaging, motivating and leading their teams. A big part of that is making sure their people get the training, coaching and development they need, so this award is a huge credit to them’.

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