Anchor’s External Communications Manager Simon Peyton has been interviewed on Channel 5 News about the planned changes announced by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to the way the watchdog scrutinises care providers.

The intended changes will bring in a new ranking system for care homes that will be easily accessible to the public online and see the introduction of training to enable members of the public to volunteer as reviewers.

Commenting on proposals to introduce hidden cameras in care homes to monitor the care provided by care staff, Simon told the 5 o’clock news: “We welcome moves from the CQC to place more emphasis on the personal experiences of residents and their families.

"We do, however, feel secret filming would be an infringement of residents’ privacy, and there are alternative ways of ensuring high quality care, such as Anchor’s whistle blowing service and the Your Care Rating initiative, which asks residents themselves to rate their care as the recipient.”

Dame Marion Kettlewell, from Anchor’s Norton House in London, echoed this point of view as a care home resident, in an interview with Sky News the same day.
Anchor is one of the initiators of Your Care Rating and also took part the national Care Homes Open Day in June this year, helping to make care homes more accessible to the wider community.

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