Our campaign is supported by a wide range of organisations working for older people, as well as political figures and MPs.

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Supporting individuals and organisations

There are now more than 15 organisations supporting Standing Up 4 Sitting Down along with a host of MPs from the major parties, including former Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne.

Professor Martin Green OBE, Chief Executive, Care England

“Anchor’s campaign, Standing up 4 Sitting Down, identifies a really important issue, which is the lack of seating in shops and other public spaces. Not being able to sit down is a real impediment that stops many older people going out and engaging in society. As we age, we often have a range of different conditions that can give us pain, or make us breathless and tired. These conditions need not restrict people from engaging with their local communities, but what they do need, is the opportunity to sit and rest before they continue their activities. If there were more opportunities for older people to take a rest during the time they are out, I am confident we would see far more older people continuing to pursue community activities. I applaud Anchor for raising this important issue.”

Michael Voges, Executive Director, ARCO (Associated Retirement Community Operators)
"ARCO encourage high streets and retailers to step up and do their bit to create age-friendly places, and are proud to back the Stand Up For Sitting Down campaign. Better seating and accessibility in high streets and public spaces will lead to happier and healthier people and places, and will support local economies – and it is therefore good for us all."

Malcolm Booth, Chief Executive Officer, National Federation of Occupational Pensioners
“It is important for our members to be able to enjoy the local High Street, and essential for High Streets to survive. As our members age, conditions affecting an ageing population mean that they often need to take a few moments to rest and recuperate. The lack of places to rest can, and will, discourage them from leaving their homes and risks increasing the problem of isolation.”

Denise Keating, Chief Executive, Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion
“ENEI is proud to support this campaign because it recognises the need for business to recognise the needs of a diverse range of people whilst, at the same time, providing real opportunities for older people to both socialise and shop at their own pace.  As the population is growing older it is vital that we all find ways to reduce loneliness and this campaign will help revitalise town centres by using them for a positive purpose.”

Stephen Burke, director of United for All Ages
“Better seating near and in shops makes a lot of sense. It will encourage and support more older people to use those shops, increase social mixing and thereby reduce isolation. Many retailers are missing out on the spending power of older people and could market their goods and services to older people much better. Improved seating is one way that retailers could increase business and contribute to their community.”  

Lucy Peake, Chief Executive of Grandparents Plus
“Grandparent Plus is supporting  Anchor’s campaign because it will help older people to be actively involved with their grandchildren. Grandparents provide a vital role in looking after grandchildren, whether that’s providing regular childcare, looking after children in school holidays or raising them full-time. Looking after children can be tiring. It’s important both for children and older people’s wellbeing that they are active and able to be out and about in their local areas and seating in town centres supports that.”

Joyce Sack, Chairperson of the Kensington and Chelsea Forum for Older Residents 
"In our last survey on health issues we found that 40% of our members were dissatisfied with the availability of seating and places to rest in shops and in the streets.  Older people with mobility issues find going out has to be well-planned ahead of time and therefore limiting their motivation.  More rest areas in shops and seating in the streets are essential incentives to help older people to get out more, keep fit and improve their quality of life."

Shantel Irwin, CEO Arthritis Action
"Arthritis Action is the UK charity offering an integrated self-management approach to combat the impact of arthritis. It’s wonderful to see a focus on improving people’s wellbeing by assisting them to get out and about, but to take a rest when required. Being more active and supporting each other helps people with arthritis to manage their condition, which is exactly what our supported self-management approach is about."

John Galvin, Chief Executive of EAC (Elderly Accommodation Counsel) 
"We thank Anchor for this initiative. The public environment must be made fitter for older people who have more time to enjoy it than the working population. Let's make this environment more welcoming to them, more accessible, properly serviced (toilets) and with an abundance of suitable seating, indoor and outdoor, all with proper back and arm rests. These small and inexpensive improvements will encourage exercise and social intercourse, all beneficial for physical and mental health."

Margaret Wood, The Opportunity Group 
"The Opportunity Group through Opportunity 50 Plus encourages employers to retain their existing older staff and retrain them for new roles rather than recruiting externally which can incur extra costs. We support Individuals to remain economically active for as long as they want or need and to have the chance to develop and learn new skills and abilities. Increased confidence is a significant contributory factor to older people becoming more socially and/or economically involved. Not only would providing seating in shopping centres enable people to take a rest but it would also encourage them to get to know others, probably in similar circumstances and share experiences and potentially increase their sense of self-worth."

Neil Clurow, Talk Eat Drink Project Manager, Community Lincs
“Older people in East Lindsey make up a significant percentage of the population.  By providing better access to goods and services for older people, businesses will also be strengthening the local community and keeping communities viable.”

Mike Duggan, General Secretary of the Civil Service Pensioners’ Alliance
“Older people have much to offer their communities, whether that be in terms of volunteering, employment or helping to support businesses by shopping locally. This is a two-way process, research and accepted wisdom has also shown that older people who contribute to and enjoy access to their communities have an improved quality of life. The Civil Service Pensioners Alliance is happy to support this campaign. By simply providing enough seats and facilities in towns and local shopping areas, the wellbeing of our members and other older people will be strengthened and the local economy will benefit too!”

Joe Irvin, Chief Executive of Living Streets, the UK charity for everyday walking 
"We support the Standing up 4 Sitting Down campaign to empower people to walk outside independently, avoid isolation and be assured that a place of rest is available. As a charity for everyday walking, Living Streets believes it’s vitally important that there is adequate seating on our local high streets for those of us who may struggle to stay on their feet for long periods."

Sean Tunnicliffe, Communications Officer, Leeds Older People's Forum 
"Community seating in shopping centres make them more accessible and makes more people use them. It’s not just older people who like to sit down; there are people with mobility issues, people with young children and people of all ages who like to just watch the world go by."

Mark Beasley, Chairman at The Mature Marketing Association
"At the Mature Marketing Association, we believe that better marketing for older consumers benefits business and consumer alike. Research – as well as commonsense – tells us that older shoppers are more likely to visit retailers if their needs for an age-friendly retail environment are met. We are pleased to support Anchor’s ‘Standing Up 4 Sitting Down’ campaign. The provision of seating is an extremely  reasonable requirement and will help make high street shopping more accessible for older consumers, to the benefit of both shopper and retailer." 

Caroline Abrahams, Director, Age UK
“Standing Up for Sitting Down is a really important Anchor campaign to which we at Age UK are very happy to lend our support. With high streets under pressure and older people often feeling unwelcome because their needs are going unrecognised and unmet, it should be a win:win for businesses of all kinds to rise to Anchor’s challenge by providing more public seating.”

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