Anchor’s Standing Up 4 Sitting Down (su4sd) campaign is a new national initiative aiming to improve people's access to their local shops and high street by increasing the amount of seating available to those who need it

Pledge to add seating to your business premises

All too often we hear of people struggling to access their local shops and leisure facilities because of a lack of seating areas to rest in. At Anchor, we want to see older people enjoy their lives to the fullest. 

For this reason, Standing Up 4 Sitting Down will call on retailers and high streets to do their bit to improve the lives of people by providing adequate seating in stores and public spaces.

Tell us about the seating you provide at your business premises

It’s a simple call that will benefit everyone. With more seating and resting areas on offer for those who need them, including older people, visiting local shops need not be such a struggle. Shopping gives people, particularly those living alone, important social contact, reducing loneliness. It also offers more opportunities for physical exercise enjoying the outdoors and meeting up with friends.

For shops and retail spaces, welcoming more people to their businesses increases footfall and ultimately the opportunity for profit – it’s a win win situation.

To make change happen, Anchor will be targeting the decision-makers – the retailers, the media and the politicians. We will be encouraging people to ‘Stand Up 4 Sitting Down’ and pledge to increase the seating available to those who need it. 

To make the most impact, Anchor will be asking everyone to support the campaign by writing letters to local retailers and businesses on their high street and highlighting the issues on social media using the hashtag - #su4sd.

We’re also looking for people who feel strongly about the issue and would be willing to tell us more about how a lack of seating affects either their lives or the lives of someone they know. 

For more information on how to get involved and show your support for Standing Up 4 Sitting Down please email us and watch our for our hashtag - #su4sd

  • Retailers and high streets - get involved!

    If you are a retailer or business on a high street, then supporting the Standing up 4 Sitting Down campaign is quick, easy and free. Simply tell us about the seating you already provide or pledge to add some to your business premises.

  • Campaign supporters

    Standing Up 4 Sitting Down is supported by a wide range of organisations working for older people. Find out who we are working with, why they are backing su4sd and how you can get involved.