Our campaign calling for a dedicated Minister for Older People is supported by a wide range of organisations working for older people, read their quotes below.

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Supporting organisations

We are also supported by Independent Age, Your Care Rating and the Over 50's Parliament.

Dementia UK comments:
"Dementia UK has joined the growing number of people and organisations calling for a dedicated Minister for Older People. A Minister will help to give older people a voice in Government in order to protect the services and promote issues that specifically affect them."
Martin Green, CEO of Care England:
“Anchor’s Grey Pride campaign is something that every citizen in 21st Century Britain should support and subscribe to.  This century will be above all a century of older people.  Older people have much to celebrate and a lot to contribute to society and they are at the very heart of localities and communities.  I support Anchor’s desire to see older people move from the sidelines to where they belong – at the centre of policy and national life.  I believe that the appointment of a Minister for Older People would give a focus to the contribution older people make to society”.
National Care Forum:
“Congratulations to Anchor for taking the initiative to launch the Grey Pride campaign to raise the profile of older people amongst parliamentarians. Our ageing society is something to be celebrated, not feared. The appointment of a Minister for Older People would be a powerful statement of intent to acknowledge the value of people as they grow older. As an organisation committed to quality care and support services the National Care Forum is proud to support Grey Pride to improve the well-being of older people.”
Simon Bottery, Director of Policy and External Relations, Independent Age:
Independent Age are pleased to be supporting the Grey Pride Campaign calling for a Minister for Older People. All of us have a responsibility as individuals to champion the rights of older people and to highlight the qualities they bring to our families, communities and organisations. It’s vital that government also plays its part by championing the contribution of older people, recognising their needs and coordinating the services and policies that affect them."
Care Management Matters:
"Care Management Matters is a great supporter of the Grey Pride campaign. There are over ten million people aged 65 or over in the UK and the appointment of a dedicated Minister for Older People would ensure that their needs are better understood and represented in parliament."
The Grandparents’ Association:
“The Grandparents' Association continually applauds the support that older people give to their family. All too often we forget that the older generation contributes to the fabric of society and the designation of a Minister with responsibility for Older People would ensure that they receive the recognition that they deserve.”
Brendan Barber, General Secretary, TUC:
"A Minister representing the needs of older people would be welcomed. We are therefore delighted to support the Grey Pride Campaign. With increasing longevity – which is to be welcomed – our aging population are facing a range of issues, including pressing concerns around long-term care, which need a strong voice in government."
Steve Groves, CEO, Partnership:
“Partnership, the specialist retirement income provider and long term care insurer, is delighted to support the Grey Pride Campaign calling for a Minister for Older People. Older people play an extremely significant part in our society. A Minister for Older People would ensure that their needs are championed, and remove the present risk that their concerns are undervalued or simply lost between the competing demands of different departments of state.”
Action on Elder Abuse:
"Action on Elder Abuse is pleased to support the petition for a Minister for Older People, older people deserve dignity, respect and protection and we as a Charity who work with older people, see on a daily basis the abuses that happen to older people. It is essential that they have a voice and the government gives them the support they need. Please get involved, and make a difference."
Howard Phillips, Chief Executive, McCarthy & Stone:
“McCarthy & Stone backs Grey Pride because there is a better way to support older people.  The elderly face challenges with their pensions, their health, their long term care and importantly with their housing.  A dedicated Minister for Older People can join up Government thinking, create an environment where ageing is viewed as a positive and deliver better homes and supportive communities for those in later life.  Ageing can be a good thing, so let’s make it happen.”
AgeUK special advisor Mervyn Kohler said he supported the call for a dedicated minister for older people, provided the position had real influence and power. He said: “I think that’s a good idea. I think we do need a minister, or at least some authority, someone who can join up the dots.”
The Chief Fire Officers Association:
"The Chief Fire Officers Association is committed to working with partner agencies to improve the lives of the most disadvantaged older people and prevent deprivation in later life.  Consequently, the Association is keen to support all those seeking to achieve these important objectives and as such we are happy to lend our support to Anchor's Grey Pride campaign."
Jimmy Deuchars, Manager and Co-Founder, Grandparents Apart UK:
"Congratulations to Anchor for calling for a very much needed dedicated Minister for older people. It's time to bring about changes and raise the profile of older people."
Tim Breedon, Group Chief Executive, Legal & General Group Plc:
"Helping people to save and plan for their retirement is a central part of what we do. We have supported the progress the Coalition Government has made in encouraging pensions savings through initiatives such as auto-enrolment and the work undertaken by the Commission on Funding of Care and Support under the leadership of Andrew Dilnot. Most people are aware that they should save for their old age and that they will need to make contributions to the cost of their care in later life but they need a clear path, set out by the Government, that shows them how the costs will be divided fairly between themselves and the state. I believe that a Cabinet Minister for Older People could help to drive the resolution of these issues and that is why Legal & General is supporting Anchor's timely and much needed campaign."
Mike Parsons, Founder & CEO, Barchester Healthcare:
“Barchester Healthcare is pleased to support the Grey Pride campaign, calling for a senior Minister for Older People.  As one of the leading quality care providers we are fully supportive of any initiative that acknowledges, and celebrates, the value older people contribute to society.  A Minister for Older People is a step in the right direction."
Paddy Brice, Managing Director, Richmond Villages:
"This is a great initiative and we whole heartedly endorse the need to appoint a Minister for Older People. With a rapidly ageing population, it is essential that this vital group of people is given a voice within Government so that their needs and views are heard."
Nick Sanderson, CEO, Audley Retirement Villages:
“We fully support Anchor’s call to secure a dedicated Minister to represent older people. This is the fastest growing demographic, who are more ambitious for the future, healthier and living longer than any generation before this point. For far too long this age group have been underrepresented in government and by policy makers.”
Ken Nolan, Chairman of Springhill Care Group:
“All the information being gathered for the future tells us that the lot of the older person from the age of 60 plus with healthcare needs is going to get tougher and tougher. We want to help this campaign and highlight some of the major issues facing older people now and in the future. This is a major national issue, and we believe it warrants a visible commitment from the Government.”
Anna Lunts, Chief Executive of Creative Support:
“Creative Support provides personalised services to adults of all ages with support needs and passionately believes in promoting dignity and respect for older people. We are very proud to be part of the Grey Pride initiative.”
Tina Wathern, Older LGBT Housing Group Co-ordinator of Stonewall Housing:
"Stonewall Housing is delighted to support the Grey Pride campaign for a designated Minister for Older People. We look forward to a more inclusive future for older lesbian,gay,bisexual and trans people."
Mary Baker, Founder of DropBy:
"DropBy is proud to support Grey Pride and to encourage the Government to appoint a Minister for Older People. Older people are valuable members of our society and should be recognised as such. Our Mission Statement is "We all have the right to be valued to the end of our life and to live out our years in peace, with care, with love, and with dignity." As the number of older people in society grows we need to ensure that our voice is heard with increasing strength in Government circles and beyond."
Denise Keating, Chief Executive, Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion:
“Our ageing society is one of the biggest issues facing this country and a significant one for employers. We’re proud to support Anchor’s campaign for a Minister for Older People to sit in the Cabinet to ensure that a response to demographic change is a top priority for Government."
Roger Turner, General Secretary, The National Federation of Occupational Pensioners:
“The NFOP is supporting the Grey Pride Campaign calling for a Minister for Older People and asking MPs to support the motion in the House of Commons this Thursday 28th June.”
Dominic Fraser-Smith, Managing Director, TheRetirementCentre.com:
“TheRetirementCentre.com, a retirement specialist, is pleased to be able to give their support to the Anchor Grey Pride campaign in calling for a Minister for Older People.  Retirees are currently facing a cruel reality of falling Annuity rates, low saving income and many are retiring with debt. It is time for a co-ordinated approach led by a Minister to not only assess the impact of Government policy but also to listen to the voices of our older generations.”
Neil Burgess, founder of Curahq.com:
"Curahq.com fully supports the call to appoint a dedicated Minister for Older People. Older people represent a significant, and growing, proportion of our society and it is important their views are represented with the focus and strategic direction only a dedicated representative can bring."
Sam Smethers, Chief Executive of Grandparents Plus:
“We need a minister for older people who can champion the huge contribution that older people make to society and in particular to family life.  More than 6 out of 10 grandparents spend time caring for their grandchildren.  Research shows grandparents are net contributors to families until they reach the age of 75. It’s time for us to focus on that positive contribution.”
Chris Millington, Group Director Brand and Marketing Strategy at Doro:
“Doro is proud to be supporting Anchor’s Grey Pride campaign. We firmly believe that a Minister for Older People will be beneficial to us all as our ageing population grows. This demographic is often forgotten about and as such, we feel that representation in parliament is essential to ensuring that relevant care and support is delivered to this group.”

Stephen Burke, director of United for All Ages:
“Our ageing population has implications for people of all ages. You can never start too early to prepare for later life. We need to maximise and recognise the contributions that young and older people make to our society and to each other. A Minister for Older People will benefit all generations.”

Douglas Quinn, Chairman of Your Care Rating:
"There is a blatant inequity whereby there is a government minister for children and a children’s commissioner, yet no equivalent for older people. We stand shoulder to shoulder with Anchor in their Grey Pride manifesto and call upon the government to appoint both a minister and commissioner for older people.
As the largest and most authoritative survey of care home residents in the country, we know and understand the issues which are important to care home residents. And top of the list are having a say in the care they receive and being listened to. Having a dedicated minister and commissioner for older people would give them a voice at the heart of government."

Lawrence Tomlinson, Chairman of Ideal Care Homes:
“Anchor’s Grey Pride campaign highlights many of the very pressing issues we face in an aging society.  Older people deserve quality services that meet their expectations and it seems only right that they are well represented with a dedicated Minister and Commissioner who can consider their needs holistically across Departments.   With the demographic pressures of an aging society growing, we need to work together to create a pull out of hospital into settings that provide quality care, thereby reducing pressure on the NHS by offering care in more appropriate, and desirable, surroundings.”

Nick Bunting, Secretary General of the RAF Association:
“The RAF Association is backing Anchor’s Grey Pride campaign calling for a Minister for Older People. In our support of the whole RAF family, we help a large number of older people. Their needs can be many and complex, so someone in government dedicated to ensuring their issues receive the parliamentary time they deserve is essential.”

If your organisation would like to join us just get in touch with our Communications team.