Our research shows that although one in three women and one in four men will need care at some point, later life is a time people avoid thinking about and planning for.

Despite it being a life changing decision, nearly two thirds of us (64%) have never thought about our care options and over three quarters of Brits (76%) who would trust someone else to make care decisions for them, haven’t talked about their care options with that person.

When asked, one in five people (22%) also said they would put off taking action to address their care options, even at the point it’s most needed.

These figures show that we are a nation of procrastinators, in denial about ageing and taking a gamble with our later lives.

Fear of losing control seems to be the main factor crippling the nation, with the top concern about care in later life being losing their independence. Worries about being able to afford care also feature highly, and it would seem we are still a nation obsessed with bricks and mortar, with losing our homes being a concern for nearly a quarter of us.

Read the full findings of our research here.

There are a range of important decisions and choices we all face as we get older. At Anchor, we know the way to get the most out of your retirement years is to think ahead, talk with loved ones and be proactive about later life planning.

We have worked with top behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings to explore the different ways people can start having conversations about later life with their loved ones and feel confident and happy with their choices.

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