Back to the Future II predicted flying cars, hovering skateboards and self-tying shoelaces for 2015. The reality for us is, in many ways, even more remarkable.

While it’s easy to criticise films which make duff predictions, it’s also worth considering the amazing innovations that do materialise.

Back to the Future II came out in 1989, the same year that Tim Berners-Lee was making his first pioneering steps with the world wide web. Who would have thought back then that most of us would today be carrying around a device in our pocket that we could use to have video chats with friends and relatives, read news from across the globe - and watch a video of how our latest developments are progressing!

Predicting the future is a tricky business – but something all businesses need to do if they’re to anticipate demand for their services in future years. Our Business Plan for the next five years sets out how we’re going to become the best-run company with the best customer satisfaction and be the best place to work - so we can offer happy living to many more people. It’s based on how we see our sector changing over the coming years and I’ll be telling you more about this over the coming weeks.

At Anchor, we are challenging ourselves to think in bold and creative ways about how we can deliver care and housing – not just minor improvements. We’re talking to the customers of the future, speaking to government at all levels and working with think tanks. Crucially, we’re drawing on the views of colleagues right across Anchor to help us shape how we work.

Some of the big changes which will affect Anchor and our customers come from the Care Act. And today, we publish a guide to the Care Act which details its far-reaching implications.

In theory, the Act should encourage more of a focus among local authorities on housing and care services which prevent the need for more expensive and intensive care from the NHS. Whether that is what happens remains to be seen.

We’ve already seen how an increasing older population is putting pressure on hospital A&E departments and how local authority budgets for adult social care are reducing. We’re continually drawing on this information so that our services can deliver for our future customers’ needs and we’re tapping into technology so we’re operating in the most effective and efficient way.

2015 will bring challenges, as every year does. But our Community and Activity Calendars, this June’s Care Home Open Day, and events being planned with customers across our housing and care homes, will help bring happy living to more and more older people.

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