The government has announced plans to raise the upper age limit for jury service, and I for one welcome this move whole heartedly. 

From 1st December people up to the age of 75 will be able to sit as jurors in England and Wales under plans launched by Justice Minister Sir Oliver Heald QC. 

Currently, only people aged between 18 and 70 are eligible to sit as jurors, and this proposal is part of a drive by the Ministry of Justice to make the criminal justice system more inclusive and better reflect our modern society.

At Anchor we welcome this move by the Ministry of Justice to increase the upper age limit for jurors, something that has not been adjusted for almost 30 years, when the upper limit was increased from 65 to 70.

Britain has an ageing population and this demographic change is good news – a mark of our improving living conditions, diet and medical advances. 

Older people already contributed a great deal to society and their experiences and views are invaluable.

At Anchor we encourage job applications from people aged over the traditional retirement age and as a result have a diverse workforce that reflects this shift in society.

As more and more people are living longer it is essential all elements of society move with the times, and I’m very pleased that more older people will now be able to share their wisdom and contribute to the criminal justice system thanks to this change.

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