I love this time of year, the garden at The Firs care home in sunny Suffolk, where I work is so colourful and scented. As the flowers bloom and the evenings stretch out, all the residents and staff here seem to get a spring in their step as we get to spend more time outside together.

The Firs care home is in Felixstowe – just about as far east as you can go and a beautiful part of the world. I really enjoy gardening and luckily so do many of the residents and staff here, we have a very popular gardening club and if I ever have a plant question or lawn troubles there’s always someone with a handy tip or similar experience I can turn to.

Since we are currently reaping the benefits of our spring planting I want to take this opportunity to take you on a virtual tour of our home, starting in the garden.

At The Firs we’re very lucky to have a large wrap around garden with patios and terraces, a walled garden, and a new greenhouse where we grow our own herbs and veg. We also grow sweet peas each year and when they flower we cut them and bring them inside, spreading the scent through the home.
We’re in a part of the country where most of our residents grew up working on the land or having some sort of family connection to farming, so having the sight, sounds and smells of the outdoors means a lot to them.

I’d like to take all the credit for this lovely oasis but I can’t, our gardener Brian does a great job. It also helps that the Care Manager here, Anna (pictured to the left of me), has a university degree in landscape gardening and always has exciting new ideas for making the most of the garden. And of course our residents gardening club help out where they can.

One of our residents, Doreen, likes to go around the garden with a watering can. Her son visited the other day, saw her out in the garden, and couldn’t quite believe it, as she hadn’t been outside very much before coming to live with us. Doreen loves being in the garden and tends to everything growing here at The Firs with peace of mind.

And for when the weather isn’t so warm, we also have a Garden Room at The Firs, enabling residents to enjoy the views from the comfort of an armchair, or as they enjoy afternoon tea. 

As well as a lovely garden, I’m equally proud of the inside of our home. It’s recently been redecorated; we have had new lighting put in, new curtains, as well as new kitchens. The whole place looks amazing and we have an array of special events planned…but I think that’s another blog!

I hope that’s given you a picture of our home. Do drop in if you’re passing.

Irene Worsdell is Home Manager at The Firs care home in Felixstowe,Suffolk.

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