Happy Mother's Day! All this week we’ve been speaking to some of the mums living with Anchor and asking them what advice they would give new parents.

In a series of daily blogs we’ve been sharing their favourite memories of motherhood so far, finding out the one thing that they wish other mums had told them before they had children, as well as tales of the best gifts they’ve ever received for Mother’s Day.

Today we share the thoughts of June Brewerton, 84, who lives at Anchor's Chigwell Court in London. June has two children, three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

June Brewerton

“I was married for four years before I had the baby I had always longed for. I just loved being a new mother however I must say I’ve loved being a grandmother too and was overjoyed when I became a great-grandmother! I’m very fortunate, we’re a close family; I look at their pictures every day and think how lucky I am.

“When I started having children, my mum always said to me that I should never leave them to go to work, so I didn’t. I think that’s very different for mums today, more of them have to go to work compared to when I was bringing up my children.  My one piece of advice for mothers today is to have patience. It can be tough, but I think it’s really important, especially with the little ones.

“The best thing I ever got for Mother’s Day was a phone call from my granddaughter, telling me I had become a great-grandmother. This year I got sent a lovely invitation in the post to join my granddaughter and her family for a party on Mother’s Day. She’s coming to pick me up and I can’t wait!”

What's the best gift you have ever received for Mother’s Day? Share your thoughts with other mums on Anchor's Facebook page.

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