With Mother’s Day tomorrow we’ve been speaking to some of the mums living with Anchor and asking them what advice they would give new parents.

In a series of blogs we’ll be sharing their favourite memories of motherhood so far, finding out the one thing that they wish other mums had told them before they had children, as well as tales of the best gifts they’ve ever received for Mother’s Day.

This morning we share the thoughts of Mrs Pamela Smith, 72, who lives at Anchor's Red Lodge in West Wickham. Mrs Smith has three children and six grandchildren.

Mrs Pamela Smith

“The best gift I have ever received for Mother’s Day was a lily that my son dug up from the council’s flower bed in Coney Hall! All I’m after this year is to have some time and hugs with them.

“My favourite memories of motherhood are all from our holidays together in the sun. I wish that other mums had warned me how quickly your children grow up!”

What's the best gift you have ever received for Mother’s Day? Share your thoughts with other mums on Anchor's Facebook page.

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