With Desert Island Discs marking its 75th anniversary this year, what are the records you’d choose for your music memories? 

Speaking to tenants, leaseholds and residents across the country, I know how music forms such a big part of people’s lives, and a few bars of a tune is often enough to get people reminiscing.

So I’m delighted our activity theme for this year is Music and Wellness. Beginning in March, colleagues and customers from all our locations can get involved, and there’ll be a wide range of music-related activities and events across the year.

World Rocks Against Dementia day on Saturday 18 March is the first event you can sign up to. From an afternoon singalong, right through to a full on music festival, how you get involved is entirely up to you.

Whether I’m running (and listening to music) or travelling for work purposes, I need to keep up to date with lots of issues - and my iPad and mobile phones are life-savers. 

There are loads of things you can do on the go with a mobile device…including having your say on things that matter to you. Each year the Elderly Accommodation Counsel (EAC) celebrates the best examples of housing for later life with their housing awards. If you live with us and haven’t already done so, please make sure you vote in the 2017 EAC housing awards. We know that we have lots of happy customers living with us – and it would be great to be recognised for it.

Customer involvement is a key part of making sure that our customers are satisfied with the care and service they receive from us. We have lots of ways opportunities for people to get involved in the running of Anchor in a way that suits them. At the moment we’re encouraging tenants and leaseholders to vote for candidates to sit on our new Customer Council so do spread the word.

After all, giving our customers many opportunities to make their voices heard is how we’ve become so well-versed in providing great customer service.

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