In the run up to Care Home Open Day, colleagues from different teams across Anchor are sharing their experiences of a career in care. Anchor’s Community Partnership Manager for the North East of the country, David Wood, tells us why he works in the care sector.

When the topic of work comes up with my friends and family I’m often asked what a Community Partnership Manager does and why I’ve chosen to work in the care sector. My role is all about supporting Anchor’s care home and retirement housing managers to create useful and beneficial links within their local community.

I support locations across North Yorkshire, Cumbria and the North East, meaning I get to do a lot of travelling and meet some brilliant characters both amongst the Anchor staff and residents, and through networking with other organisations.

I’m constantly learning from the people I meet and feel like I get something back from this job. No two days are the same for me and I’ve had loads of standout moments in the four years I’ve worked at Anchor. To give just one example, last year I helped organise a trip for some of the residents at Northbourne care home in Gateshead to an exhibition at Shipley Art Gallery, where their work was being displayed. For one lady this visit was a real déjà vu moment as she realised she’d had work displayed at the same gallery when she was a teenager. She was really touched to revisit this place and remember her past achievements; it was a great moment to be part of and to have helped make happen.

The care sector affects all of us and, when I think about the people I love getting older and my own future, it’s great knowing I’m part of something positive, a service and sector that provides support for people when they need it.

I also really enjoy going out into the community and meeting like-minded people working for local authorities, health centres, hospitals and community groups who are passionate about ensuring older people are supported to live well.

When people ask me why I work in care I tell them that this is a job and a sector where you can make a difference. You’re not stuck behind a desk all day, you are constantly meeting and interacting with people and forging great relationships.

I work in care because…I enjoy working with people.

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