In the run up to Care Home Open Day, colleagues from different teams across Anchor are sharing their experiences of a career in care. Craig Green, the Activity Co-ordinator at Anchor’s Tolson Grange care home in Huddersfield, tells us how and why he has come to work in the care sector.

I started my career with Anchor as a handyman and quickly found that working with older people was a perfect fit with my personality.
Originally I needed a job that would fit in with the school run and the care sector provided me with the flexibility I needed for my family life. I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into with this career choice, but I quickly found that the more time I spent in the care home environment the more I enjoyed being around the characters who lived and worked here at Tolson Grange.

I saw how happy well-planned and personally tailored activities can make people and wanted to be part of something so impactful. I have always relished a challenge, so I developed my skills and made the career leap from handyman to care home Activity Co-ordinator.

I’ve met so many great people working at Anchor and have had amazing support. There are a lot of creative minds and passionate people across the organisation who, like me, get a real buzz from providing residents with happy memories and different things to do.

Seeing how happy the activities I put together make the older people I work with is priceless, and having the freedom and control to come up with new ideas and see them through has given me an artistic license that I love.

I’ve had a few stand out moments during my career but if I had to pick one I think I’d say the Anchor Virtual Cruise project I’m currently working on, which takes residents on a cultural experience around the world, all from within their home. Lots of the residents I work with at Tolson Grange would love to have experienced and seen more of the world, but it simply isn’t an option now, so we are finding unique and memorable ways to bring the world, and elements of different cultures, to them.

Experience-based activities like this help the care home team find out so much more about the people we are working with, which in turn helps us form closer bonds and tailor everything we do to better meet their needs. It’s also a lot of fun, which is always a good thing to be able to say about your job!

I recently wrote a blog about Tolson Grange’s virtual trip to Spain, which you can read here.

For the right type of people, a job in care can be perfect. It doesn’t matter what age you are, as long as you have passion and enthusiasm there is so much opportunity to build something brilliant and have a really positive impact on people’s lives.

Working in care you learn so much from the residents and work is always interesting. Everyone has a story to tell and you will always find common ground. I would urge people to give it a try.

I work in care because…I’m a creative soul.

To find out more about the job opportunities available at Anchor visit our Careers pages here.

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