new short story depicts Harry as a married father of three with slightly greying hair. It's interesting to see how the boy wizard is growing up. While it might be sometime before we discover how he spends his old age, I imagine Harry wouldn’t be one for a quiet life.

The same can be said for the Anchor tenants, leaseholders and care home residents who have been put forward for our Happy Living awards. Entries are flooding in for our awards celebrating customers who go out of their way to make a difference and create a sense of community where they live. Nominations are open until the end of August so please ensure you spread the word.

Some of our customers and colleagues from Rose Court care home in London, feature in this fantastic video made by Southwark Council. The video was part of a great initiative by the council in the week leading up to National Care Home Open Day.

Many people were involved in making the day a success across the country – so it’s great to be able to report that posts about the day reached a potential audience of at least 10 million people via Twitter as well as generating national and regional media coverage.

It’s never been more important to demonstrate the value of housing and care for older people  – as the new NHS boss proved last week with his comments about care homes. Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England, was reported as saying “we need to do a better job of keeping out of care homes”.

In one sense he’s right. But older people often remain in hospital longer than necessary, despite being healthy enough to be transferred to a care home. So it’s also important to recognise the important role that care homes can play in ensuring older people get the right care in a cost-effective way that leaves hospitals free to do what they do best.

I’ve written to Mr Stevens and offered to meet him at one of our locations to discuss how health and social care can work together more effectively for older people. The dysfunctional relationship between health, housing and care is just one of the themes in our Manifesto for the years ahead, published on our website today. The document spells out why we need better representation for older people.

I hope colleagues, customers – as many people as possible - use the “write to your MP” function on the website. And let politicians know why grey pride matters.

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