With Mother’s Day tomorrow we’ve been speaking to some of the mums living with Anchor and asking them what advice they would give new parents.

In a series of daily blogs we’ll be sharing their favourite memories of motherhood so far, finding out the one thing that they wish other mums had told them before they had children, as well as tales of the best gifts they’ve ever received for Mother’s Day.

This afternoon we share the thoughts of Mrs Iris Dady, 94, who lives at Anchor's Ingleborough in Enfield. Mrs Dady has four children, nine grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

Mrs Iris Dady

“Of course, back then you had to wash nappies and there were none of the mod-cons like baby food in jars and the health and social care there is today. But then you felt so much safer and you could just let your children go out to play. You were not worried about ‘stranger danger’ and temptations such as drugs; these were never so apparent in my time. 

“Although it is the custom today to give your mother flowers or a gift on Mother’s Day, and I have had many, what I really look forward to is another occasion for our family to get together and enjoy each other’s company. Having a loving family is the best gift in the world.

“I think parents should be kind and patient with their children but not spoil them. Set them a good example yourself and, above all, teach them to have respect for others. The one thing I’ve tried to teach my children is that you can only be truly great if you can also be truly humble”

What's the best gift you have ever received for Mother’s Day? Share your thoughts with other mums on Anchor's Facebook page.

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