It is important to understand that dementia affects people in different ways.

Broadly, the symptoms associated with dementia are a decline in short term (recent) memory, reasoning and communication skills, a gradual loss of the ability to carry out daily activities and confusion. The symptoms of dementia gradually get worse over time, but how fast the dementia progresses will depend on each individual.

The NHS advises that if you or a loved one is becoming increasing forgetful, particularly if aged over 65, it is a good idea to seek medical advice in case it could be an early sign of dementia.

Possible symptoms of dementia 

  • Increased forgetfulness – for example forgetting recent events or forgetting the names of friends or everyday objects
  • Losing the thread of a conversation
  • Feeling confused even when in a familiar environment
  • Increasing difficulties with tasks and activities that require concentration and planning
  • Changes in personality and mood
  • Difficulty finding the right words

If you are worried about any of these symptoms it is important to visit your GP for a check-up. Find out more about how dementia is diagnosed.

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