Caring for a loved one full time requires a lot of dedication, selflessness and commitment. 

When providing care for a family member or friend over a long period of time, it’s important that carers remember to make time to look after their own wellbeing and energy levels too. Balancing the demands of daily life with full time home care for a loved one is both emotionally and physically demanding. 

Life's unexpected events, other competing responsibilities and ill health can impede on the level of support a carer is able to provide and mean that it is not always viable for a carer to look after someone else all year round, no matter how much they may wish to. 

At Anchor we offer respite care breaks in our care homes to help whenever you and your loved one need some extra support, a change of scenery or a rest. 

In our Guide to Respite Care, we’ll help you gain a clear understanding of what a respite stay is and what to expect during your short break. We’ll show you how respite stays can benefit both carers and their loved ones alike, and we’ll also explain how a respite stay can help make a future transition into permanent residential care easier for everyone involved. 

  • A carers guide to respite care

    Providing care for a loved one requires a lot of dedication, selflessness, and commitment. That’s why every now and again, taking a step back from full time caring and making some time for you is so important. Find out how respite care can compliment home care.

  • What to expect from a respite break

    If you’re considering respite care for a friend, relative, or yourself, you may be wondering what day-to-day life during a respite stay entails. Find out about some of the most important aspects of a respite stay at an Anchor care home, including daily activities and catering arrangements.

  • Preparing for full time care with a respite break

    When choosing a care home for long term residential care, it’s often the case that a person who has visited a care home for a respite stay will return to the same home, find the move easier and settle in more quickly. Find out why.