Different care homes offer different levels of care. It’s important to consider your needs before choosing a home. You should be clear what level of support would most benefit you or your loved one and ensure the homes you look at can provide the right assistance. There are four main types of care available:

Residential care 

This describes 24-hour personal and practical support that enables people to maintain their independence, if they wish, while offering assistance with everyday tasks such as bathing and housekeeping. Residential care homes are regularly visited by district nurses and GPs meaning medical care can be provided when needed. At Anchor we also ensure all of our care homes are designed to provide supportive environments for those living with dementia. Residential care aims to enable you to enjoy maximum independence as well as provide peace of mind, knowing that help is always at hand.

Specialist dementia care 

Dementia care is delivered by specially trained carers, who recognise that the symptoms of dementia are different for each person, Anchor has a number of specialised dementia homes that provide safe, specially adapted environments for people living with dementia. We ensure that our dementia care responds to the individual and supports what they can do through personalised care plans. 

At Anchor we use the customer’s life story to build a picture of their preferences, lifestyle and history, and use this information to support the person in expressing themselves and to provide tailored care that enhances quality of life. We employ dedicated dementia specialists and all staff working in this area receive on-going dementia training and support from Anchor’s award-winning, dedicated dementia team. We also provide information and education sessions to help offer advice to family and friends of those living with dementia. 

In 2012 Anchor opened West Hall, an award-winning care home specialising in dementia care. At West Hall we look for opportunities to build on the individual’s strength and find ways to compensate for the losses brought about by dementia. 

Nursing care 

This type of care offers services for those with specialised nursing needs. Care homes providing nursing care offer the additional assurance of qualified nursing staff who are on hand 24-hours a day to deliver medical care and other forms of specialised support. You should consider nursing care if you have an illness or disability that means you require regular or complex nursing support.

Dual registered care 

This term describes a combination of residential and nursing care. Care homes offering this type of care are often suitable for couples who have different care needs.  

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