To move or not to move?

It can be helpful to think about different aspects of your current home as well as your future needs when making a decision about your housing options. To help you consider how suitable your current home is for you use The Elderly Accomodation Counsel free online Housing Options Tool.

Before deciding on a move to a care home, it’s important to know the difference between the main types of accommodation available for older people.

Care homes

Providing 24-hour support, care homes are most suitable for those who require regular or continual care. Residents have their own bedrooms and bathrooms but also share communal areas within one building. There are different types of care homes offering varying levels of support.

Sheltered Housing 

Sometimes referred to as sheltered accommodation, this describes a group of self-contained houses or flats supported by a manager, with access to 24-hour emergency help. This is offered on a rental or leasehold basis and can include at-home care.

Retirement Village 

This describes a variety of rental and leasehold properties set out in a village development. They offer independence with a sense of community, access to leisure facilities and the option to build in at-home care if required. Some retirement villages also have a care home on-site.

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