You should base your decision on your personal needs.

Do you want to have better access to health and fitness facilities, bars and restaurants, closer to your home? Do you have a partner who requires some at-home care but you both want to maintain independence? Do you just want reassurance that you can have access to care if you ever need it, without having to leave your home? Whatever your circumstances, the facilities offered in a retirement village can be tailored to suit your lifestyle.

Even if you don’t need care immediately, it’s important to ask questions about the care staff, in case you should need support in the future. Ask the village manager about their hiring procedures, to make sure that staff have professional backgrounds and are correctly qualified. You should be clear on what levels of care are available at the village, to ensure that your needs can be met at every stage. Find out more about care options in retirement villages.

Speaking to people you know who already live in a retirement village is an excellent way to start. There’s no comparison for a personal recommendation and trusted insight into what life is really like in the village.


Seeing the village yourself is also very important. Most retirement villages arrange special open days for this exact reason, and these days are great ways to meet potential neighbours. Anchor reguarly hold events for customers at Bishopstoke Park and open days at Hampshire Lakes.

If you want to arrange a visit to a specific village on your own, simply give them a call and the village manager will be able to arrange a suitable date and time.

Most importantly, when choosing a retirement village trust your gut feelings – most people instinctively know when a place ‘feels right’ for them.

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