Although some retirement villages have a stronger care focus than others, most offer tailored care options, and staff can carry out an assessment to help decide on care plans prior to moving in.

At retirement villages the option to build in at-home care, should you ever need it, means you have the security of knowing you will be able to stay in your own home longer, tailoring the level of care you need, should your circumstances change.

For those currently receiving some level of care, retirement villages offer the opportunity to live independently with a solid care network already in place.

Different types of care

There are a range of different types of care available to people living in retirement villages. The provision of personal care in your own home is often known as domiciliary care. It allows for greater independent living and can include assistance with daily living (washing or dressing for example). More specialist care can also be available, for example for people living with dementia.

Many retirement villages, including Bishopstoke Park and Hampshire Lakes, offer luxury care – where residents are based within the main complex of the village, but in their own apartments. Hotel type services (including meals, cleaning and laundry) are readily available and residents don’t have to go outside for the central services. These luxury care packages can be paid for within the rent charge and, when combined with personal care, are often a cheaper 24-hour care option than a care home – with the added benefit that you still have your own front door. Assistance with everyday tasks like shopping, gardening, laundry, cleaning and preparing meals will also be made available, and all village residents have access to 24-hour response care, with staff on-siteovernight in case of emergencies.

Whilst the cost of the 24-hour emergency support is usually shared amongst all residents, any additional care is charged for separately, apart from those paying for the luxury care package.

Some retirement villages have a care home on-site and some don’t. When designing its retirement villages, Anchor consider an allinclusive approach to care. This way the option is already available for customers living within a retirement village, if they decide that they need to move into a care home environment.

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