There are certain practical home maintenance steps that you can take to protect your home from winter weather.

  • Get heating and cooking appliances checked, and flues and chimneys swept ensuring ventilation points are not blocked. If you use heating oil, LPG or wood products as the main heating source, make sure that you have a sufficient supply to avoid running out
  • Fit an audible carbon monoxide alarm which is EN50291 compliant. Fitting an alarm should not replace regular maintenance of appliances
  • By setting your heating to the right temperature (Age UK recommend 18-21°C, 65-70°F), you can keep your home warm. Ensure windows and doors are closed to prevent heat escaping
  • Leave your heating on for at least an hour a day while you are away from home
  • In severe weather, or if severe weather is forecast, you should leave your heating on day and night at your usual temperature setting
  • Make sure that you know where your water stop tap is and check it works, so you can turn off the water supply if needed.

Using thermometers

Use thermometers to help you gage the true temperature around your home. Age UK recommend keeping the room temperature at between 18 to 21°C for comfort and good health, but many people have home hot and cold spots. Position your thermometer away from direct sunlight and artificially heated or cooled areas, such as near radiators, for the most accurate readings.

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