• How much is the rent for an Anchor retirement property?
    The level of rent depends on several factors including the location and size of the retirement property you require. You can talk to Anchor’s Customer Centre on 0800 731 2020 about this.
  • Can I get any help with paying the rent on an Anchor retirement property?
    You can contact your local council to find out whether you are eligible for help paying the rent on your retirement home or the service charge.
  • How old do I have to be to move into an Anchor rented retirement property?
    You need to be 55 years or over. However, if your partner does not meet the age criteria you will still be able to register.
  • How long would I have to wait before getting an Anchor rented retirement property?
    How quickly you can move in will depend on the location you have applied for and the number of other people on the waiting list. Each location has its own waiting list and these vary from one location to another. Please contact our Customer Centre for more information.
  • Will my family and friends be able to stay with me at an Anchor rented retirement property?
    Most of our schemes have a guest room, normally with twin beds. For a small charge your family and friends can stay in it when they come to visit you.
  • Can I bring my pet to an Anchor rented retirement property?
    In most cases, yes. You can bring a small pet to your retirement home. We recognise the important place pets have in people's lives. It is Anchor's policy to welcome pets, but you will need to let the Location Manager know that you are interested in bringing your pet and get their permission to do so. It is also your responsibility to look after your pet and ensure that it does not cause a nuisance to other residents.
  • Can Anchor give me priority if I am in urgent need of a rented retirement property?
    This depends on your individual circumstances. We always let properties in accordance with our allocations policy. Please contact our Customer Centre to discuss this further.
  • How do I pay the rent for a retirement property to Anchor?
    Our preferred payment method is by Direct Debit, however other payment options are available. Please speak to our Customer Centre or Location Managers for further information.
  • Will I have to pay Anchor any additional charges for the retirement property?
    For the majority of our locations our monthly charge includes; rent, service charge, a supporting people charge, water rates, heating and hot water. Your service charge covers a variety of services including the cost of the scheme manager, our 24-hour emergency service and the heating and lighting of all communal areas. You will be given information on these charges when you view a property. You will be responsible for your own council tax, phone bills and electricity bills for your property. For specific details on your location of choice, please contact the Location Manager or our Customer Centre.
  • I may need help completing the paperwork for a rented retirement property. Will Anchor be able to assist me?
    Yes, we have a process of personally taking all new customers through tenancy and associated paperwork. We can also provide documents in different languages, larger print or in an audio format.