• What are the contact details for Anchor's Support Hub offices in Bradford?
    Anchor's Support Hub is in Bradford. The contact details are:
    Address: 2 Godwin Street, Bradford BD1 2ST
    Phone number: 0800 731 2020
    Directions to the Support Hub office
  • What are the contact details for Anchor's offices in London?
    Anchor's registered office is in London. The contact details are:
    Address: The Heal's Building, Suites A&B, 3rd Floor, 22-24 Torrington Place, London, WC1E 7HJ
    Directions to the offices in London
  • Where can I find direct telephone numbers and contact details for individual Anchor care homes and housing locations? Is there an Anchor phonebook?
    You can find the direct telephone numbers for each of our housing locations and care homes in our online phonebook here.